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Navigating the roof insurance claim process made easy. Learn how to maximize your coverage and streamline your roof repair or replacement. Get started with our expert guidance.

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Step-by-step Insurance Claim Process

Navigating the nuanced insurance claim process can be complex, but we're here to make it easy for you. Our team of experts is well-versed in every step, and we're committed to holding your hand through the entire journey. From filing your claim to securing the necessary endorsements, we simplify the process so you can have peace of mind, knowing you're in capable hands.

Schedule A Roof Inspection

  • Assess The Damage: After a hail storm, it's a good idea to walk your property and visually inspect your roof and other peripherals. Determine if it's worth calling a roofer for a comprehensive inspection.
  • Choose A Reputable Roofer: Once you've determined it's worth getting your roof professionally inspected, search online for a reputable roofer to inspect your roof.
  • Have Your Roofer Document Damage: Your roofer will chalk any damage on the roof and document it in a report for you to send to your insurance company.

Start Filing Your Insurance Claim

  • Call Your Insurance Company: You will want to call your insurance company and request to file a claim. You will be assigned a claim number and an adjuster, keep track of this number. It can take several days to be assigned an adjuster, but once you're assigned, make sure to ask for the adjuster's direct phone number when you speak with them.
  • Schedule Insurance Adjuster: Your assigned adjuster will call you to schedule an appointment with you to assess your roof's damage. This is a good time to let the adjuster know that you are working with a roofing contractor that will be present for the assessment.
  • Let Your Roofer Know When Adjuster Is Coming: Make sure to let your roofer know the adjuster's name, contact information, and your appointment time so that your roofer is there to point out all of the damage to make sure you're compensated.
  • Claim Summary: After the adjuster's damage assessment, you will be provided with a claim summary, highlighting the scope of work to repair your roof. Send your roofer a copy of this so they can compare it with their own damage assessment to make sure nothing has been omitted from the scope of the project.

Insurance Claim Is Approved

  • First Check: When you receive the initial check, which usually coincides with the arrival of the claim summary, you might notice your mortgage company's name on it. If this is the case, it's essential to reach out to them to understand the correct procedure for obtaining their endorsement. Keep in mind that this process can be time-consuming, so we recommend initiating it promptly.
  • Pay Roofer The Deductible: The deductible is your co-pay and it's commonly 1 or 2% of the insured amount of your property. You will pay the deductible directly to your roofer.
  • Pay Roofer A Deposit To Get Scheduled: In order for your roofer to get your project scheduled, they will usually require a 50% deposit. Make sure you keep a record of all of your invoices and receipts from your roofer.

Roof Replacement / Roof Repair

  • Schedule Job: Once your roofer has your deposit, your job will get on the schedule.
  • Deliver Materials: A day or two before the scheduled job, you can expect the delivery of all the necessary materials for your roof project.
  • Day of Job: On the day of the project, make sure to conduct a pre-install walkthrough with your roofer and make sure your roofer is doing all of the required line items requested from your insurance company.

Recover Depreciation

  • Documentation / Proof: After your roofer completes your project, they should take ample documentation of the work performed in order for the insurance company to know the work was completed. The roofer will send this to the insurance company on your behalf.
  • Request Release of Depreciation: If recoverable depreciation was withheld, your roofer will request its release. The insurance company may contact you to verify project completion before issuing the final payment.

    In some cases, if a supplement was negotiated, it may be included in the final check, along with the depreciation.

    Please note that mortgage companies may have their inspection requirements before endorsing and releasing depreciation funds back to you.
  • Final Payment to Roofer: After you have received your final insurance check, and any necessary mortgage company endorsements are in place, your roofer will proceed to collect the remaining balance for the roof. It's important to note that the final depreciation payment is only expected once you have received the check from your insurance company.

1) Get Your Roof Inspected

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2) Start Filing Your Claim

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Our Process

If your roof has been affected by a hail or wind storm and need assistance, here's how we operate:

You: Schedule An Inspection

There is no charge for the inspection. We will arrive and document everything for you.

We: Document Damage

Our inspector will capture clear photos of any damaged areas to assist in filing your claim.

You: Initiate The Claim Process

According to the law, you are obligated to contact your insurance company to initiate the claims process. We cannot.

We: Meet Your Adjuster

It's important to note that not all insurance companies offer fair compensation. Rest assured, we will ensure that you receive fair and just treatment throughout the process.

We: Replace / Repair Your Roof

We keep our promises by arriving as scheduled, resolving your roofing issues, and leaving your property clean and secure.

You: Enjoy Your Fixed Roof

Regain your peace of mind and return to your regular routine, secure in the knowledge that your roof is professionally managed, backed by a warranty, and guaranteed.


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Custom Development

We can code solutions to solve your business's problems.

What We Look For In Our Roof Inspections


If your roof starts leaking, often times the water builds up in your attic for long periods of time before ever making its way into your home.

Storm Damage

If your home has had a recent bout with high winds, hail or rain storms, we recommend scheduling a roof inspection as soon as possible in order to prevent further costly repairs sustained from storm damage.


Without proper air circulation, your attic will start developing moisture and this can lead to mold. Let’s avoid this and make sure your home’s attic is venting properly.


More than 90% of homes in the US are under insulated. Which means there is a good chance you’re shortening the life expectancy of your roof and paying way too much to your energy provider.