Frequently Asked Questions

There's a lot that goes into getting a new roof, hopefully this helps answer any questions you have!

Is Select Roofing of North Texas apart of the Better Business Bureau?

Yes we are. We are accredited and currently hold an A- rating. You can see our BBB profile here: https://www.bbb.org/us/tx/dallas/profile/fence-contractors/texas-select-fencing-0875-91321682

Does Select Roofing of North Texas provide any warranty?

Yes we do. All of our roofs come with a 10-year workmanship.

Does Select Roofing of North Texas offer any financing options?

Yes we do. We utilize a variety of competitive lending options. No cash, no problem. Check to see what you qualify for here: Financing

How long will my roof replacement take to be completed?

For the majority of residential homes, our roof replacement projects are typically completed within a single day. In the case of larger-than-average homes, we may require up to two days to ensure a thorough and precise reroofing process.

Is Select Roofing of North Texas insured & bonded?

Yes and yes. We carry a $1,000,000 general liability policy. If the company you are considering hiring does not carry liability insurance, you may want to reconsider. If something bad happens on your property, you could end up being held liable.

Does Select Roofing of North Texas Offer Virtual Estimates?

Yes, we can provide an estimate virtually if you provide us your home address and there's satellite imagery available for the home. Please keep in mind that virtual estimates are just an estimation, meaning the price is subject to change.

What is the average turnaround time for Select Roofing of North Texas to do my job?

This varies. Typically for entire roof replacements, we stay booked about 2 weeks out. For smaller jobs such as repairs, we can usually get this done same-week. If you would like to know how soon we could do your job, ask our office: 214-558-9169

What type of roofing does Select Roofing of North Texas offer?

We offer asphalt, metal, slate, clay, and flat commercial roofing.

Does Select Roofing of North Texas do roof repairs?

We do roof repairs! Request a free inspection and we'd love to bid your project: Free Roof Inspection

Does Select Roofing of North Texas offer any military discounts?

Yes we do! Let your sales rep know that you're active or retired military and they will provide you with a 5% discount.

Does Select Roofing of North Texas do commercial fencing?

Yes we do! We do all types of flat roofing.

Does Select Roofing of North Texas serve my city?

We cover virtually the entire DFW metroplex. But to make sure we service your city, please refer to our service map here: Service Map

Do I need to be home for my roof inspection?

Only during the beginning. We want to make sure we're inspecting the right roof.

Does my roof quote expire?

Yes, your roof quote is only good for 30 days. Material prices change month-to-month so we can't promise the price we gave you will be the same in 30 days.

Does Select Roofing of North Texas price match?

Only if it's higher. Kidding. Seriously, we want to win your business. Send us a comparable roof quote you received and we will do our best to compete for your business. We can't promise we will match it since there are some companies that don't operate honestly.

Does Select Roofing of North Texas have an office I can visit?

No, currently we do not have an office for customers to walk in. However, all of our representatives and assistants live locally in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.