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Explore our selection of gutter guard products we install in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Our installations provide essential protection to your home by protecting your gutters from clogs.

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How We Clean Gutters

Setup Ladder

We find a nice flat surface for us to set up our ladder. We use ladder stabilizers to ensure we don't scratch your gutter's paint and to better secure the ladder.

Blow Gutters Clean

Once we're setup on the ladder, we take a leaf blower and blow any debris that's in the gutters. If the roof is walkable, we'll walk on the roof to increase efficiency. If the roof is not walkable, we will move the ladder along the length of the gutters one section at a time.

Hand Scoop Gutters Clean

Whatever is remaining after using the leaf blower, we'll hand scoop the rest out. We'll make sure to use a bucket while doing this so we're not dropping leaves all over your lawn.

Final Inspection

Once we're done, we'll test your downspouts to make sure your gutters are draining properly and not holding water. We'll also send you final photos so you can see how clean your gutters are now.


How It Works

At Select Roofing, we're dedicated to simplifying the gutter guard installation process for you. Discover the ease of getting gutter guards through these four simple steps:

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Every Gutter Guard Installation Includes

Professional Equipment

We use high-quality tools and equipment to make sure we're as efficient and effective as possible.

Safe and Reliable

Ensuring safe and reliable solutions for your peace of mind.

Insured & Bonded

Fully insured and bonded for your complete confidence.

No Risk
30-Day Warranty

Guaranteed peace of mind with our 30-day warranty.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your contentment, our pledge – with our satisfaction guarantee.

What We Look For In Our Roof Inspections


If your roof starts leaking, often times the water builds up in your attic for long periods of time before ever making its way into your home.

Storm Damage

If your home has had a recent bout with high winds, hail or rain storms, we recommend scheduling a roof inspection as soon as possible in order to prevent further costly repairs sustained from storm damage.


Without proper air circulation, your attic will start developing moisture and this can lead to mold. Let’s avoid this and make sure your home’s attic is venting properly.


More than 90% of homes in the US are under insulated. Which means there is a good chance you’re shortening the life expectancy of your roof and paying way too much to your energy provider.
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