Roof Repair in Flower Mound, TX

Trust our expert team for top-notch roof repair solutions, restoring your peace of mind and your home's integrity.

Our Process

If you decide to use our roofing company, here's how we operate:

You: Schedule An Inspection

There is no charge for the inspection. We will arrive and document everything for you.

We: Document Damage

Our inspector will capture clear photos of any damaged areas to assist in filing your claim.

You: Initiate The Claim Process

According to the law, you are obligated to contact your insurance company to initiate the claims process. We cannot.

We: Meet Your Adjuster

It's important to note that not all insurance companies offer fair compensation. Rest assured, we will ensure that you receive fair and just treatment throughout the process.

We: Replace Your Roof

We keep our promises by arriving as scheduled, resolving your roofing issues, and leaving your property clean and secure.

You: Enjoy Your New Roof

Regain your peace of mind and return to your regular routine, secure in the knowledge that your roof is professionally managed, backed by a warranty, and guaranteed.


CRM setups that allows your company to operate smoother.

Custom Development

We can code solutions to solve your business's problems.

Types of Roofs We Repair In Flower Mound

We handle all types of roofing. Here are the most popular roof types we service.

Why Choose Select Roofing For Your Roof Repair

We Use The Best Materials

While other contractors cheap out and use lower quality materials, we use the stuff that ensures your roof lasts as long as possible.

Expert Roofers

Our roofing crews aren't just trained; they're craftsmen with years of experience under their belts. You can rest assured your roofing system will be installed correctly.

Workmanship Warranty

We provide a 10-year workmanship warranty on all of our roofs. We stand behind our work and want to ensure you get the quality roof we promised you.


Dylan and John are directly involved with every project, making sure you're taken care of. Most roofing companies do not do this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does roof coating stop leaks?

Roof coatings can be effective in preventing and temporarily stopping leaks in some cases. They create a waterproof barrier when applied correctly to a well-maintained roof. However, it's essential to understand that roof coatings are not a permanent solution for all roofing issues. They are best suited for extending the life of a roof, improving energy efficiency, and addressing minor leaks and surface issues. If your roof has significant damage or structural issues, a roof coating may not be sufficient, and a more extensive repair or replacement may be necessary.

Can you repair parts of a roof?

Yes, you can repair specific parts of a roof. Roof repairs are commonly done to address localized issues such as damaged or missing shingles, flashing problems, minor leaks, or small areas of deterioration. Roof repairs are a cost-effective way to extend the life of your roof when the damage is limited.

Will insurance pay to repair my roof?

Whether insurance will pay to repair your roof depends on several factors. Generally, insurance may cover roof repairs if the damage is the result of a covered peril, such as a storm, fire, or other events specified in your policy. However, insurance typically won't cover routine wear and tear or damage resulting from lack of maintenance. To determine if your roof repair is eligible for coverage, you should contact your insurance company, document the damage, and follow their claims process. An adjuster will assess the damage and determine if it qualifies for reimbursement under your policy.

Can you use Flex Seal on roof shingles?

Flex Seal is not recommended for use on roof shingles as a long-term solution. While it may temporarily seal small cracks or holes, it is not designed to withstand the harsh environmental conditions that roofs endure, such as temperature fluctuations and exposure to UV rays.

What is the fastest way to patch a roof?

The fastest way to patch a roof is to use a roofing cement or sealant designed for the purpose. Clean the damaged area, apply the sealant or cement generously, and smooth it out with a putty knife or trowel. For small holes or cracks, you can also use roofing patch kits with adhesive-backed patches that adhere to the damaged area. However, while this can provide a temporary fix for minor issues, it's essential to understand that a proper roof repair may require a more thorough assessment and professional repair to address underlying problems.

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